BAN Monster Life Challenge 3

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?TADAAA BAN Monster Life Challenge 3 has just been released with bigger Maps, more Bosses, more Characters, and more Exciting Challenges!? Are you ready?.
You have to survive this terrifying adventure/puzzle. Stay alive against revengeful monsters waiting for you in the abandoned classroom.

? As the night fell at the kindergarten, the little boy woke up to find everything around him eerie. His friends had turned into fruits, the classroom was filled with flowers and leaves like in a fairytale. Oh no! What is happening? What should he do to escape from this strange place?

? Your mission is to avoid traps and find a way to escape the haunted room in Chapter 3 of Ban Monster Life. Use your intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving skills to decode encrypted messages quickly, devise the best plan, and escape the maze of this dark kindergarten.

? Opila Bird, Jumbo Josh, and Bambam are hiding in the shadows, hunting for you. Stay quiet and be careful because a wrong step can lead you to the clutches of these ruthless predators.

? Use your Radar to hack electrical circuits or control anything remotely. Explore the mysterious facility…and don't get caught.

⚔️ How to play:
?️ Easy to control: swipe to move, tap to jump over obstacles.
?️ Collect secret messages and decode them: search for items, avoid traps, unlock doors…
?️ Avoid toxic puddles, mouse traps, and countless other dangerous traps.
?️ Upgrade your skills, overcome challenges, and unlock exciting levels.

⚡ Features:
✔️ Many adorable and famous characters such as Bambam, Choo, Rainbow, Opila Bird, Captain Fiddles, Banbalena, Jumbo Josh, Stinger Flynn, NabNab, Sheriff Toadster…
✔️ Countless traps, and over 100 challenging levels waiting for you to explore.
✔️ Enhance your brainpower with challenging gameplay.
✔️ Exciting features are updated regularly.
✔️ Beautiful 3D graphics provide a deep gaming experience.
✔️ No wifi needed – Free – Weekly updates.

Are you passionate about survival horror games? Try your hand at BAN Monster Life Challenge 3 now!