Block Smash Journey

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Oct 30, 2023
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Block Smash – Block Blast Adventure Master game, an excellent block puzzle game that offers relaxation while playing and training your brain. It combines the free classic block puzzle game with the great cube block blast game, making it perfect for those who enjoy Woody puzzle games, cube block blast games & block puzzle games.

Features of the Block Smash – Block Blast Adventure Master game include:
• No pressure and no time limit
• Excellent for killing time without the internet
• Easy to pick up, but hard & challenging to master
• Games with a narrative adventure mode and free block puzzles.
• Create the ideal technique and keep your lines clear with limitless blocks in this ideal brain teaser for short bursts of time.

How to obtain a high score in this Block Smash game:
• Drop the blocks to arrange them in straight or curved lines with no gaps.
• Such a line is destroyed after it is created.
• In this straightforward but engaging puzzle game, keep your board clear and maintain your composure as things heat up!

Bonus points and fantastic elimination animations are awarded when multiple rows or columns are cleared at once.

What are you looking for, Try this Block Smash – Block Blast Puzzle game now!