Brain training: Reflex

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Nov 2, 2023
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Do you want to test your reaction time? By performing simple exercises, you can reaction training and concentration. The app contains a set of brain training games. Playing, you will not only have fun, but also improve your skills.

We thought about how you can memory training for adults and decided to develop an app with a set of simple exercises that will help in this

Have you probably faced the problem when it is difficult to concentration and focus your attention? We have created a simulator that will help you in this.

Now you can forget about procrastination and become more efficient and focused. When you feel tired, can not concentration, just play for a few minutes it will help to distract and recover.


  • color change reaction test;
  • exercise to memorize and find numbers;
  • reaction time test to sound cues;
  • Schulte table;
  • math test games;
  • visual memory training;
  • concentration games;
  • training with a visual comparison of figures.

App Features:

  • Simple user interface;
  • Dark and light theme support;
  • Statistics for each exercise and record keeping;
  • More than 15 exercises for reaction, concentration and memory.

Have you ever bothered to do brain training exercises and play memory training games?

This software might seem like a game to some of you, and you might be right. However, helping people improve and training their reaction time was our main objective. Everything in life moves very quickly, and even a fraction of a second can change it. The good effects of utilizing the game will include enhancing your reflexes, developing logical thinking and peripheral vision, as well as practicing stress tolerance and attention in everyday situations.

What's new

Fixed some crashes