Cartoon Battle

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Oct 30, 2023
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CARTOON BATTLE. You've all been waiting for this game, and now it's out! A large number of unique characters and super-abilities. Cases, bosses and Fantastic locations.

Choose your favorite character, upgrade him and start looking for opponents. Win, open cards for new heroes and get the opportunity to create your own hero.

Lots of super powers and here are a couple of them:

– Crazy stones.
– Bad bird.
– Fiery magic blow.
– A soccer ball in the back.
– Rain with dollars.

Win chests and open them! We tried to make opening cases as cool and dynamic as possible, get positive emotions by opening them!

Play your favorite character, get experience for him, and get the opportunity to pump him! Strengthen the Power of Impact, the number of HP, Mana and Strikes!

Many interesting locations such as:
– Magic forest.
– Dragon's Gorge.
– Awful sewage system.
– Picturesque pier.

Features of this game:
– Realistic Cartoon Graphics.
– Lots of characters, super powers and locations.
– Many systems for pumping heroes, and getting them.
– Unique arenas for competition.
– Dynamic battles, where every man for himself.
– Daily rewards and activity bonuses.
– Magic quests.

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Cartoon Battle 1.3.53