Cat Lady’s Happy Home
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Oct 31, 2023
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If you own an apartment building, what would you do?
In this game, you are not only the manager of the apartment, but also the confidant of the tenants. You need to build suitable rooms for the tenants and provide various facilities. At the same time, you will face various challenges and opportunities, such as improving tenant satisfaction, adjusting the number and location of facilities, etc. But as long as you are flexible and wise, you can easily handle all the problems.
Are you ready to join Cat Lady's Happy Home? Come and play with us!

【Become the perfect apartment manager from the perspective of tenants】
Gradually upgrade and improve the facilities in the apartment, rationally build shops to improve the quality of life of tenants, and build public facilities to meet the needs of tenants

【Meet and become good friends with tenants】
There are human tenants of all ages, as well as everyone's favorite animal friends! They have different occupations, different hobbies, earning abilities and living habits. You will get to know these lovely tenants, develop relationships with them, and unlock the little stories that happened between you~

【Build different types of rooms】
In the game, there are male apartments, female apartments, single apartments, standard apartments, high-end apartments and duplex apartments for you to choose from. Different room types may attract some unique tenants!
【Extensive community infrastructure】
You can build restaurants, courier stations, breakfast shops, supermarkets, etc. to meet the living needs of tenants. After a period of time, you can even run your own shops and use your own ideas. There are also public bathrooms, toilets, and rest rooms for you to build!

【Easy and fun mini games】
Every day, you can participate in Ding Dang’s adventures on the random map, and explore different events to get rich rewards; you can unlock ingredients in Cat Lady’s kitchen, make delicious dishes and desserts, and share food with your lovely tenants!

【Go to maps with different styles to start new chapters of apartment construction】
A modernized city, a idyllic Windmill Township, a beautiful and romantic Sakura Station… You can expand the blueprint of apartment construction step by step, while experiencing different cultural customs.

What's new

1. Added new Halloween welfare activities
2. Fix the problem that the roof of the building extension is blocked
3. Fix the problem of abnormal kitchen energy rebate and stuck guidance.