Cherry School World

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Dec 5, 2023
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This game is Cherry School World. The game takes place in the open fictional small world "Sakura Town". We designed the game scene to feel like you are in a hybrid world, and as a student, you can experience a simulated high school day-to-day life. This game is not an action and shooting game etc, but a simulator. There is no end to this game. Make situations to your liking and find your favorite way to play. We hope you will like this game. You can talk to students and others, make friends and lovers through simulations, attend school classes, buy things for yourself or give away, and more. Enjoy her busy days. Go to class, listen to your favorite lectures, take your favorite physical education classes. The controls of this game are super easy and fun to make fun of your friends and hug them like you did in high school. Bring back the old school days in your life. You can talk, take classes and take pictures. This game provides challenges, is super fun, and will help ease your boredom on your real campus. Different days will bring you new tasks so you will never get bored. Anime High School Simulator takes you on a journey full of fun, drama and adventure. Allows you to enjoy school life as a student or again as a student, free to love, drive, play, and enjoy life. Stunning levels and high-quality 3D graphics of school life, different missions will bring you the fun of adventure in anime high school life simulation. Enjoy adventure as an anime schoolgirl and take on all the tough challenging missions of school life.

Game Features:
* High quality 3D graphics
* Exciting gameplay
* Detailed 3D model environment
* Delightful highlights and storyline
* Smooth controls and HD sound quality
* Huge anime schoolhouse world
*Super detailed missions
* Contains a lot of fun games