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Nov 14, 2023
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This is a chess game with a nice interface where you can play with your friends, with random people online or with the computer.

Playing with your friends over the Internet is very easy – one player hosts a game and receives a unique code, the other one joins it by typing this code.
No registration or login is required.

You can play online even if your friends don’t have an Android device – Apple and Amazon devices are also supported.

Other features:
– Works on most of the popular smart platforms – phones, tablets, TVs and desktop/laptop computers (available at
– More than 50 000 unique puzzles where the goal is to find a checkmate in 1, 2, 3 or 4 moves
– Chat in the multiplayer games
– Game timers
– Chess960 aka Fischer random chess
– Handicap chess
– Chromecast support allows you to project the game on the big screen, but use the phone as a controller
– Spectators: multiple people can join a network game to watch
– Ability to analyse your games
– For Android TV you can play with the TV remote or a game controller

We hope you like it!

What's new

Fixed a problem where in rare cases the pieces got stuck when starting a rematch.
Added a few other minor improvements.