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Nov 30, 2023
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Younger high school boys, college seniors, Onee and transvestite boys.
"Message app x romance game" that allows you to interact with unique boyfriends.

In a group talk, we got together …?
Choose one or make a friendship-your reply will change the ending.

Which one do you "choose"?

▼ Character voice (honorific title omitted)
・ Taku Yashiro
・ Junta Terashima
・ Tomohito Takatsuka
・ Yoshiki Nakajima
・ Soma Saito
・ Kentaro Kumagai
・ Ryuichi Kijima
・ Kohei Amasaki

◆ System introduction
It is a casual app that you can play in a short story one-shot type, gap time.

Talk with 8 boyfriends through a fictitious messaging app.
The reply you choose will advance the story. Let's get along and welcome the ending!
Boyfriend and you. Is there an ending between boyfriend and boyfriend?
It's up to you to decide which ending you will have.

Happy ending with still and voice!

◆ Recommended for people like this
I like otome games, romance games, shojo manga, and girls' games
Movies, dramas, manga, and novels like youth, chest knuckles, and love affairs
I like messaging app-style games
I like neglected training games
I want to talk with good-looking guys on SNS
I want to be rear-filled ・ I want to experience the popular period
I want to kill time for free during the gap time
I want to see a moe situation (moe situation)
I like voice actors, I like ikebo

◆ About video distribution
Ending, premium ticket scenarios, etc.
It is prohibited to publish or distribute the event part with voice.
Please enjoy only with your smartphone.


Title: Choice x Darling-Choidari
Genre: Message app style romance game
Price: Basic free (with in-app purchase)

Official site:
Official Twitter: @Choice_Darling


◆ Notes
-If you uninstall the app itself, all purchased items and data being played will be deleted. Please note.
・ Playing on tablet devices is not recommended. In addition, it may not work properly on some terminals.
・ Please note that purchased items cannot be refunded.
・ We raise operation and development costs by selling in-game items and advertising revenue so that you can enjoy this app for free.

* We accept inquiries by email 24 hours a day,
Reply may be delayed after 19:00 on weekdays and on weekends and holidays.

◆ If there is a problem installing the app
Please check "Troubleshooting about download" on Google Play.