Craftsman 1.21

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Nov 5, 2023
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Crafting 4 Building

Crafting 4 Building Becoming a Lokicraft was one level above a craftsman. Even a mastercraft wants to be a Lokicraft.

Crafting 4 Building Craft story
Lokicraft is the king of the craft world. Craftsman and Mastercraft resources merge into lokicraft.

Mastering Crafting 4 Buildingt
You need Crafting 4 Building In the mini craft city, everyone wants to be lokicraft. The true king of craftsman.

Exploring Crafting 4 Building Block World
The world of Crafting 4 Building lokicraft is very wide. Explore this block world with the available resources. Use all your crafting and building skills.

Fun creative mode
Crafting and building is a pleasure. Find fun in creative mode, you can use all resource blocks without limit.

Survive in survival mode
Challenge your crafting and building skills in survival mode. In the survival world you will be challenged to survive with limited resource conditions. Collect all the resources in the minicraft city to upgrade craftsman skills to become a mastercraft.

Play with friends in multiplayer mode
Invite your friends to play together to build a minicraft city. Compete your crafting and building skills.

Enjoy Crafting 4 Building in the world of block. Enjoy and Go!!

What's new

Release 20.40.0 :
- Fix Create Game Error
- Fix Crafting Table
- Fix Toolbar
- Added More Resources
- Various Bug Fixed