Crazy doctor: mutant commander

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Jun 5, 2023
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The distant year 2130, the planet was captured by the dead, led by Penedes. The world is in danger. This is war.
The only survivor was a crazy doctor. In a secret laboratory, he came up with a plan to save humanity.

Have you ever dreamed of doing MAGIC?

Show your skills in this unique puzzle game where you create the strongest mutants from a variety of combinations of magical substances, perform your magic tricks, use a little alchemy and become the most powerful doctor in the universe.

The whole game is dedicated to creating your own mighty army.

Combine substances.

Pump yourself and your mutants.

Use superpowers.

Summon iron scorpions, drones, robots, helicopters.

You will have to work with a wide variety of magic balloons and you will see that with a combination of certain substances, you can get unique and powerful mutants that can defeat anyone.
Become a crazy doctor, merge your powers and unique mutants, army battle has already begun, you are the commander of this war.
Defeat all the leaders and get to Penedes.
Free the planet.
You will like it, good luck!