Crunchy ASMR Food Eating Sound

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Nov 22, 2023
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Do you love watching Mukbang and Asmr food-eating videos? Does listening to a food crunch sound produce a relaxing and pleasant feeling? Eating ASMR food sounds-based videos had always been an obsession. Feed the hungry mouth with frozen jelly, ice cream, noodles, jelly fruit, chicken, and different food. Beat your stress with these ASMR lips teeth grinding & crushing simulator-based games. ASMR Food Sounds Eating games have a good collection of delicious and relaxing Crunch meal sounds. Take your headphones and listen to the relaxing sounds from fast foods, massive meals, and many more. ASMR Eating food Sounds is a very simple and easy application in which you can feed different yummy food to your hungry mouths and can enjoy relaxing, satisfying food crunch sounds. Beat your daily stress by playing the ASMR Mukbang game with Mouth Eating Show & Pop it sounds.

ASMR Eating Games:
The amazing animation of these eating sounds will make you play this oddly satisfying crushing Asmr game all day long. Feed the ASMR hungry mouth & lips with tons of different objects from different ranges of sensation including soft, hard, crunch, and popping objects of your choice, and enjoy this oddly satisfying game. Enjoy crunchy sounds, and crushing of objects with teeth in front of your eyes that will produce ASMR tingles in your head. You chew the meal with satisfaction, between your lips, you can feel the aroma of the food passing from your nose to your stomach. You can clearly hear the cracking sound of the food when chewing, crisp, glutinous, chewy, melt in your mouth. All the life troubles have been temporarily forgotten, and only the pleasure brought by the food at this moment.

Jam-packed with Jellies! Get it? ASMR Rainbow Food is filled with colorful swets!
The one of its kind mukbang game. You will have the ASMR Rainbow Jellies, you can eat all the delicious rainbow colored gummies, chocolates and candies! Turn the sound ON to enjoy the oddly satisfying chewing and crunchy ASMR sounds.
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mukbang Youtuber? Your wish has been granted. Chew, munch, chomp and devour through endless desserts for free!
ASMR Rainbow Jelly will take your mukbang skills to the next level and give you the satisfaction that you have ever wanted.
Chew your way through to unlock more rainbow desserts!
ASMR Food Sounds Eating Games Features:

Realistic gameplay MUKBANG
Relaxing ASMR Crunch food sounds
Easy to play & Friendly interface