CS Contract Sniper: Gun War

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Nov 28, 2023
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Welcome to the action and adventure world of CS Contract Sniper! This game was developed to improve your attention and aiming skills!

CS Contract Sniper shooting game is not an ordinary sniper game. Unlike other sniper games, you will experience many different environments in this game, and you will improve yourself in aiming by playing action-packed levels that challenge and improve you.

As you play the levels with different environments that you will experience in CS Contract Sniper, you will feel like a real sniper in a real war environment. In this game where the best snipers survive, you have to do your best and aim well. A good shot will allow you to defeat your enemies and pass the level!

Scenarios and missions will change with each level. You can get new weapons as you level up. In this game you will protect innocent people from evil, attack enemy bases and targets. Just find the target, focus, hold your breath and release the trigger!

There will be enemy soldiers and snipers standing in different positions in the CS Contract Sniper game, which brings various innovations to sniper games. These shooters will be automatically selected by the game based on your environment, situation, situation and level. So you will experience a unique game full of surprises and adventure!

You will experience various conflict areas and scenarios! You can destroy the thieves robbing banks, the soldiers in the prison bastions and the terrorists hiding behind the hostages on the highest roof of the city! As you pass the levels full of challenges, you will play new levels where you destroy machine guns and fight with the fugitive cavalry in the desert.
As you progress, the targets will become mobile. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to aim. These targets can be vehicles or ammunition depots. Before the enemies shoot you, you must neutralize them and move on to the next level!

Game Features:

– Intuitive touchscreen controls!
– A realistic combat and sniper experience!
– Improves your focusing and aiming skills!
– Training that develops your strategic thinking skills!
– Various conflict areas and scenarios, great quality graphics!

You must successfully pass the levels on the map and reach new levels waiting for you. As you unlock new levels, you can get a chance to get new weapons and encounter a lot of surprises!

If you want to challenge yourself and become the best shooter in the sniper world, you must constantly play and improve your shooting skills! CS Contract Sniper is the best of battle and sniper games. Destroy all the targets, become the best shooter!

Enjoy CS Contract Sniper, the new game from Bolga Games committed to the action!

What's new

- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes