Dark Hunter: Origin – 23 พ.ย.

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Nov 28, 2023
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The most popular MMORPG in Korea has finally arrived in Thailand. Create your true self Change careers anytime, anywhere Experience the new life of a free, open world adventure game!
Register in advance Won many awards

[True!The most popular MMORPG in Korea has arrived in Thailand]
Popular games in Korea A general selection of games of hundreds of thousands of players. Excellent reputation It has now arrived in Thailand.

[ Real! Create yourself in a variety of exclusive styles. Show yourself to the world ]
Create your own face in a fantasy world. Be yourself truly. Let the character take your place. Free adventure in the continent of Sauron

[True! Various careers, 8 cool careers, choose as you wish]
Disrupt traditional careers, create 8 innovative careers that you can choose as you wish. Choose to be the patron saint of the forest or the charming ice queen.

[ True!Changing careers for free Change careers anytime, anywhere Experience a new game life]
Dark Hunter:Origin Breaking career limitations Unique career conversion system Allows us to change careers anytime, anywhere. Not limited to one profession Create one character, touch every profession.

[True!Open World, many extremely wide maps, explore to your heart's content]
A truly open world MMORPG Where we can freely enjoy adventures, treasure hunts, and other competitions.

[True!High drop rate. Legendary equipment, destined for you. There are no fixed rules ]
Challenge difficult BOSSes and get legendary equipment that is freely traded. High drop rate The surprises never stop!

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