Defense Derby

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Nov 16, 2023
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Real-time 4-player strategy battle! Defense Derby
Check out a new PvP tower defense game that adds battles and strategy

4-player PvP Derby Mode l Defense Derby
Experience the thrill of victory in PvP Defense Royale, where the battle continues until only one remains.
Defend your castle against progressively stronger waves of monsters in this Tower Defense game.

Unit Scouting System l Defense Derby
Recruit essential units using Derby Chips.
From daring early-game bets to resilient late-game tactics, use your best strategies to defend your castle.

3X3 BINGO Deployment Strategy l Defense Derby
Discover a familiar yet captivating 3X3 BINGO deployment strategy in this PvP Tower Defense game.
Strategically deploy units based on their type, faction and attack range to maximize the synergy effects!

Guardian's Journey System l Defense Derby
Rise through the ranks as you compete against players globally.
Unlock a variety of rewards by reaching higher levels. Rewards include exclusive castle skins and various in-game currencies!

Various PvE Modes l Defense Derby
Challenge Your Defense Limits with Blitz Mode Tower Defense
Meet Various Monsters in Dungeons Tower Defense
Collect Rewards from Defending the Castle in Idle Mode Tower Defense
Enjoy with Friends in Friendly Derby Mode Tower Defense

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■ Audio recording/playback: If permission is denied, the speaking and recording functions cannot be used while playing Defense Derby.
* You can play Defense Derby even if you do not agree to the Optional terms.
* Defense Derby's terms agreement can be reset or revoked at any time.

What's new

Introducing the details of the new update:
[Event] 3 legendary grade heroes will be given to all users
[Hero's Journey] Ladder PvE content update
Miscellaneous new features and improvements have been added.