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Dig for treasure and build your fortune in this addictive game !

Looking for a fun way to pass the time? Why not try out the exciting hole digging game that's taking the world by storm! In this game, your only goal is to dig as deep as possible, searching for hidden treasure and valuable gems.

But this isn't your ordinary digging game – it's an idle mining game where you can hire workers to help you dig even deeper and build your own hole digging empire. The more money you earn, the more workers you can hire, and the faster you can uncover all of the riches that lie beneath the surface.

As you dig deeper, you'll encounter all kinds of obstacles, from rocks and boulders to underground water and gas pockets. But with the right tools and strategy, you can overcome any challenge and keep your digging operation running smoothly.

So if you're ready to become a hole digging master and build your own fortune, download this addictive game today and start digging!