Dog vs Bee: Save The Dog

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Nov 22, 2023
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Oops! These bees are dangerous!
Doge is in danger! Could you protect Doge from the bad bees?

The poor dog needs your help to find a way to escape from dangerous bees. Use your brain and logical skill to draw line and save the dog from bees

Save the Dog: Draw Puzzle is a relaxing yet challenging game for you to play in your free time. Here's how you play this fun rescue game

Caution Ahead! Honeybees at work! ?
Oh no! A curious dog is walking toward the hive! ? This poor little dog in danger needs your help right now! ?

Don't worry, it's simple to start the dog rescue! ?
Save the Dog is a simple but addictive line-drawing physics puzzle game. Just draw lines with your fingers on the screen to create walls that protect the dog from attacks by bees in the hive! ?

But watch out! ? Those bees are smart and tricky!
Sharpen your mind to use the best puzzle-solving strategies to save the dog from the brain teaser!
Are you able to save the dog from the angry bees?? It's time to show off your logical thinking skills!


– Use your finger to draw lines to protect the doge from bees. After you finish your drawing, the bees will attack the dog for 5 seconds. If the dog stay safe within this time, you'll pass your level
– Keep in mind that you can draw only one line without lifting your finger. Also, the length of the line is limited. Thus, you should think carefully before drawing
– The shorter the line, the higher your score will be
– Use your creativity to draw any lines or shapes you want to save the dog from bees. You can even draw a house, a person, etc. There's no limit

This Rescue the Pet game is packed with a lot of stunning and helpful features


– Easy and simple to play. One-finger control
– Hundreds of different levels
– Diverse gameplay modes. Thus, this game will keep you interested for hours, and not getting bored
– Cute and adorable characters that will please your eyes
– Boost your creativity and sharpen your mind with drawing
– Play anytime, anywhere you want

❤️ Thanks for your support to Save the Dog: Draw-line Puzzle
And… the bees are coming out! Don't let the dog step on a bee ? Hurry up and Draw to Save the Dog! ?