Dragon Village Collection

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Nov 3, 2023
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Irresistable enough to stick to your finger tips! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Have some 'Collector' instinct running through your veins?
Hop in and grab all sorts of Dragons by playing games, along with collecting card packs and reading books!

▣ Main Features ▣

■ No More ‘Cliché’ Character Collecting! ■
Collect hundreds of Dragons! Want more diversity? Try breeding them!
Take care of your Dragons and watch them evolve in marvelous forms!

■ Dragon Eggs Hidden in Mysterious Exploration Sites! ■
Unique environments bring a huge variety of Dragon Eggs!
Compete with other Tamers and get your hands on some special Eggs!

■ Decorate Your Very Own Village With Your Very Own Dragon! ■
Can't leave out the 'Follow for Follow' trend, right?
Visit your friends' Villages and leave a comment on their Guest Book
Try making your Village the most popular one in town!

■ The More the Better! ■
Gather around in the Square to chat with other Tamers!
Just some simple chit-chat is all you need to make your day a good one!

■ Discover the Discover the Vast Story of the Dragon Village Universe! ■
Peek through hidden quests and find out what the Dragon Village has in store!
Interact with the NPCs and become the protagonist of the Dragon Village universe!

■ Different Dragons, Different Personalities! ■
Curious about what makes your Dragon so special?
Dragons have different auras according to their personality
Watch your Dragon develop different personalities as it grows!

■ Trade and Expand Your Collection! ■
Have a particular Dragon you desperately want?
From Dragon Eggs to cool Adult Dragons, trade with others to fulfill your collection!

Check out our official community for more information!
Official Forum: www.dvc.land

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