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Nov 3, 2023
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[PR model——Benedict Cumberbatch]
Officially opening on October 27th!
★ Receive a 6-star hero when you log in!★
★100 Million Ruby Global Challenge Event in progress!★

◾Official Lounge: https://game.naver.com/lounge/EoCKR/home

▶ Game introduction ◀
Battleground of civilizations around the world, EOC: Conquer civilization
Conquer everything in sight and win the battle of civilization!
Develop civilization representative heroes and develop civilizations with different characteristics.
A real-time strategy mobile game that competes only with strategy

●9 major civilizations and heroes
You can select and develop the civilization you want among the nine civilizations, each with different personalities.
In each civilization, there are heroes with outstanding abilities, and if you train them,
You can use it as an excellent commander who leads your allies at the forefront of the battlefield!

●Extra large map and 3D engine
So that you can feel realistic battlefields such as hills, plains, forests, rivers, etc. and delicate weather changes.
It was built based on the next-generation 3D engine and has a size of 120km*120km.
You can experience the best battles on a vast map.

●Multi-platform play
Mobile and PC versions are available, and free cross-play switching is supported.
Play your version the way you want!

●Global server
You can compete in real time with strategists from around the world on a large, globally implemented battlefield.
You can make your civilization the most powerful and unique civilization in the world!

●Large-scale siege
We have prepared a large-scale siege battle that you can enjoy together, not alone.
Defeat the opposing coalition using various strategies on a battlefield where one million troops will face off in real time.
Take your place in the strongest alliance!

●High-speed conscription
There is no slow reinforcement of troops.
A high-speed recruitment function is available so you can focus solely on combat.

●Fair competition
No VIP, no resource sales, you can compete with your opponents only with strategy and skills.

■Korean SNS
Official site: https://eoc.4399game.com/
Naver Lounge: https://game.naver.com/lounge/EoCKR
Kakao Channel: http://pf.kakao.com/_jefQb
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREGncyAm4YjrJbul2HLPig
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EraofConquestKR

★ IMEI information collection
– Terminal information (device status and ID) is used to create and verify an account.
– Can be used for various marketing, promotions, and advertisements.
– This information is used only for smooth game use and is retained until the service ends.

★The following permissions are required for smooth game play.

You can use the game even if you do not agree to optional permissions, and you can reset or revoke access permissions after agreeing to them.

★ Required permissions
– Storage space (photos, media, file access): Used when installing games and saving or loading data.
– Telephone (making and managing calls): Used for membership registration using the user's device information.

★ Optional permissions
– Camera: Used to register an in-game community profile photo.
– Notification: Used to receive informational notifications and advertising push notifications sent from the game app.
– Microphone: Used to record microphone sound when saving video.
– SMS, address book: Used to verify account and provide the latest game information and services.
– Location information: Used to set up push notifications.

★ How to set and withdraw access rights
– Operating system 6.0 or higher:
How to withdraw by access permission: Terminal settings > Select personal information > Select permission manager > Select the relevant access permission > Select the app > Select agree or withdraw access permission
How to withdraw by app: Terminal Settings > Apps > Select the app > Select permissions > Select to agree or withdraw access permissions
– Operating system below 6.0: Access rights cannot be revoked, so you need to delete the app or update the OS.