Era of Conquest: Kingdom

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Oct 24, 2023
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Era of Conquest Officially Launches on October 27th — Join Benedict Cumberbatch in an Epic Clash of Civilizations with Players Worldwide!

Pre-download available on October 26, 2023, 09:00 (UTC+0)
Official Launch: October 27, 2023, 02:00 (UTC+0)

★Claim Your Exclusive Pre-registration Rewards: One of Four 6-Star Heroes of your Choice and more★
★Participate in the EOC Global Challenge for a share of 100 Million Gems★
★Log in for 7 days to get Free 6-Star Hero – Toussaint Louverture★

Just imagine a world with all historical legends.

King Arthur draws the Sword from the stone in the West, while Qin Shi Huang has unified China in the East. The eagles from the Mediterranean fly in the sky and the Viking horn from the North Sea resounds through Gaul. The battle without the limits of time and space is about to happen! The epic across time and space is about to begin! Come and write your own legend!

Game Features:

【Global Battles】
Forge alliances with players around the world to fight for territory. Come to enjoy global battles!

【Play to Win】
Era of Conquest offers a fair game environment. There is no purchasable resources or VIP privilege. The victory can only be won through troop restraint and skill choice. Players can collaborate with allies to use various tactics to occupy the Supreme Kingdom.

【Free Conscription】
Compared to traditional strategy games, Era of Conquest offers free, automatic conscription. What's more, when the conscription mobilization is turned on, the conscripting process will be accelerated. Players will not be bothered by the conscription that costs both time and resources any more.

【Open World Battlefield】
The simple game control empowers you to control troops to do whatever you want in the big scenes. The 120km * 120km vast map will give you a new experience in the multi-civilization world.

【Exciting Siege Battle】
Featuring quality graphics, the siege battle in Era of Conquest brings players a great sense of substitution. The new SRP technology supports the real 3D graphics and makes the game better rendered. Besides, the new DOTS technology empowers up to 6000 units to battle in the same screen, bringing unprecedented siege battle experience.

【Multi-Civilization and Various Special Troops】
Hundreds of heroes and various special troops are at your service to help with your conquest. The secrets behind the original Treasure Map are waiting for your exploration. Sand table buff can be got in the time limited Wonder competition.


★ The following permissions are required during gameplay.
Even If you choose not to accept optional permissions, you can still play the game. You can reset or revoke access permissions after allowing them.
★ Required Permissions
Storage (access to photos, media, and files): Used for installing the game and saving or loading data.
★ Optional Permissions
Camera: Used for profile avatars in-game & game community.
Notifications: Used for receiving information notifications and Ads notifications
Microphone: Used for recording microphone audio when saving videos.
★ How to Agree or Revoke Access Permission
– OS 6.0 or higher:
How to revoke by Permission Management: Settings > Select Personal Information > Select Access Permission Management > Select Related Access Permission > Select Applications > Select Agree or Revoke Access Permission
How to revoke by application: Settings > Applications > Select Applications > Select Permissions > Select Agree or Revoke Access Permission
– OS below 6.0: Access permissions cannot be revoked, please delete the application or update the OS.

What's new

1. Claim Your Exclusive Pre-registration Rewards: One of Four 6-Star Heroes of your Choice and more
2. Participate in the EOC Global Challenge for a share of 100 Million Gems
3. Log in for 7 days to get Free 6-Star Hero - Toussaint Louverture