Extreme Balancer 3D – Ball Run

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STORY: Extreme Balancer 3D is a rolling ball game. On Dec 21st, Planet Earth was hit by an asteroid ☄️, destroying all life on it. The following year, an extra terrestrial race descends on Earth ?, bringing an infinity stone to save the earth by reversing time. So they enclose a infinity stone in a special ball run, and the goal is to roll ball the Gyrosphere ball run to the time machine, reverse time and save the Earth from the asteroid hitting the earth.

This Roll ball is simple to operate, but will you be able to master extreme balancer 3d? Time is running out! Only speed and concentration will allow you to access new venues with new difficulties! Continue to play this running ball game. This Going balls Extreme Balancer 3D story is all about helping humanity by using Aliens technology and rolling the ball run through the ruins of Earth.

The player has to balance the game ball through adventurous different traps such as Hammers, Saw Blades, Spears, etc. This going balls game is a challenge for player to control and balance ball 3d. Avoiding fall into radiated water, try to reach the time machine in the end and turn back Time.

GAMEPLAY: This rolling ball takes place in a post apocalyptic world. After asteroid hits the planet earth most of the life you knew is destroyed ?. All the cites are drowned in radiated water ?. Player has to control the bol 3d by carefully roll ball through each level one by one. Try to get to the time machine and reverse the time before the Armageddon.

CHALLENGES: This rolling ball is Extreme Balance 3D game ball. Every Level has unique and competitive challenges. Each level consists of traps such as Hammers, Saw Blades, Spears, etc. Going ball balance bbl through this dangerous traps which will try to destroy and push you into the radiated water. Player has to carefully rolling & balance ball 3d to reach the end point. This the best balls games you will ever play.

Time is running out in this frantic sprint across a multitude of unexpected obstacles. Jump, Roll, and Spin to avoid falling and losing your life. It's a difficult sliding ball games course with great physics! This Extreme Balancer 3D has levels that are unique and have high graphics. The extreme graphic and story is gong to hook you into the gameplay right away. This 3d bola games ball has great effects, VFX, music and engaging story.


> Unique Energy balls rolling games
> Challenging Levels
> Customizing the super ball games
> Engaging Story
> Adventurous gameplay
> Climate Cycle
> Balancer game Achievements


> Particle Effects ?
> Sounds?
> Music?
> Customize balls to Green ball etc.


> HD Graphics
> Customization
> New Extreme Balance
> 40 plus Levels
> Levels get tougher and tougher
> Classic and Evergreen
> Compatible with all android devices


Select a level and start playing.
Left arrows help the player move up and Down, Right arrows move left and right.

Enjoy playing … we will bring you many more Fun and Thrilling games ball.

Game By Games Fort Studios.