GameDay Squad: Fantasy Sports

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Nov 13, 2023
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Fantasy Sports. Create. Coach. Compete.

Taking the world by storm and revolutionising the way, the world plays fantasy sports!!! Play for FREE with GameDay Squad! Become the ultimate coach by using the traditional fantasy sports approach but collect and own your player cards and use them from season to season! Compete with your community and buy/sell and trade cards with your peers to build your best squad for the season.

Play anywhere. Any time. Download the App. Play Now.

Create. Open FREE player packs for your chosen sport and get started drafting your squad!

Coach. Keep up with top performing players and strategically place them in your squad each round!

Compete. Lock in your squad each round and come out on top of the leaderboard and & WIN!

Currently featuring Cricket, Basketball, Rugby League & Aussie Rules with many more sports to come!

Check out some of the exciting features below!


Want to earn once-in-a-lifetime experiences playing fantasy sports? GameDay Squad offer some of the most rewarding rewards in all of fantasy sports.


Collect and play your favourite Sports players in GameDay Squad packs or on the GameDay Squad transfer market! Each card has a varying rarity, multiplier and salary cap hit attached, once the player card is yours, it's your card forever – you can decide to trade, auction, delist, sell or play your player cards for the entirety of the player cards life cycle. Keep a lookout for special cards in packs!


Put your favourite player cards to the test against the best of the best in a round-by-round competition of your choosing. Each week winners are determined by a ladder, with those who have scored the most in the round deemed the winners.


One of the main ways to collect cards is to purchase player packs. Player packs can be found in the GameDay Squad store, for Footy, Rugby League, and Cricket games. At the start of each GameDay Squad coach’s journey, they will be given starter packs to start building out their squad.

What's new

Announcing the launch of the highly anticipated Australian Summer Cricket Tournament to our Fantasy cricket game! Spin, swing and win in Fantasy Cricket now.