Home Design Master: Decor Star

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Nov 19, 2023
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Welcome to Home Design Master: Decor Star, where your creativity and puzzle-solving skills meet! Dive into the world of captivating match 3 puzzles blended with interior design. Challenge yourself with hundreds of levels and win to collect parts for decorating your dream home with stunning furniture and decor.

Create stunning living spaces and transform houses into luxurious havens. Dive into Home Design Master: Decor Star and let your creativity shine as you solve puzzles, redesign homes, and create breathtaking interiors. With a fusion of casual gameplay, match 3 puzzles, and interior design magic, you'll experience relaxation and fulfillment like never before. House games, match-3 games, design home games and decorating games have never been this decorator-friendly!

Design stylish spaces and house design for your clients and deliver them their decor dream via life-changing home and house design makeovers as you strut elegantly on your path to interior home design fame and prestige.

? Key Features:
? Design & Decorate: Immerse yourself in vivid graphics as you choose furniture and style your dream house. Turn empty rooms into cozy havens, expressing your personal touch.

? Challenging Puzzles: Engage in super fun match 3 gameplay that's easy to pick up with one finger. Experience the thrill of clearing bright colored levels and collecting rewards.

? Unlock Rewards: Solve puzzles to gather parts for your decoration projects. Customize your home with unique furniture and exquisite accessories.

? Express Your Style: Explore a variety of home decorations and interior assignments. Discover various design styles and create spaces that reflect your personality.

? Become a Decor Star: Embark on a journey to enhance your design skills and gain inspiration for real-life projects. Select furniture, decorate rooms, and showcase your creativity.

? Casual Relaxation: Indulge in a relaxing gameplay experience that allows you to unwind while designing your dream spaces.

From fancy to functional, classic to ultra-modern and trendy to totally personal, pick the perfect furniture and decor to suit your unique vision of interior home design for your clients’ homes in this home design game. Decorate houses with incredible house design and surprise them with complete room makeovers and watch their emotional reactions as they see the “before and after” pictures of their prized personal spaces and their decor dream come true with incredible interior home design!

Are match-3 games, house games, puzzle games, design home games and decorating games among your favorite genres? You’ve just found the game that combines all their best features!

Let your creativity flow into perfect home design and house renovation projects. Make your own decor dreams come true! Enter a world of endless possibilities in Home Design Master: Decor Star. Transform houses and rooms with your unique vision, and elevate your interior design skills. Start your creative journey today!