Honkai Impact 3

[S-rank Battlesuit | Helical Contraption]
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Nov 30, 2023
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[S-rank Battlesuit | Helical Contraption]
Reverse all ""purposes"", subvert the ""norm"", forge illusions from ""reality"", and create miracles from the ""unknown"".
QUA-type Fire DMG dealer who summons cannons and machine guns to constantly deal DMG to enemies.

[New Themed Event | Summer Survival Rhapsody Side A]
Sunshine, beach, seaside breeze, and the rosy cheeks of young boys and girls — how can a journey that is supposed to be full of fun turn out to be a survival crisis!?
Play the limited-time event to exchange for Miss Pink Elf's new outfit Summer Miss Elf and SP Device!

[New Story Chapter | Für Elysia]
The story of Elysium Everlasting is approaching its end…
Chapter XXXI coming soon! Play the limited-time early access event and get Crystals, event stigma Vill-V Contraption (M), Honkai Shards and more!

[Major Activity | Elysian Realm Updated]
Added unlockable battlesuits Helical Contraption and Goushinnso Memento.
Added the 2nd set of Nexus and Enhanced Signets of Helix, Daybreak, and Reverie to spice up the combat!

[Equipment Updates]
Unleash unprecedented power! Heavy weapon Tower of the Past and PRI heavy weapon Tower of the Past: Silk Ladder join the arsenal!
The reversing Helix never stops, but the performance has wrapped up. Life Carver stigma set Carlo Collodi joins the arsenal!

[More Outfits]
Infinite Ouroboros' outfit Daughter of Corals and Reverist Calico's outfit Midsummer Collector debut! During the event, Stack login days to obtain Goushinnso Memento's outfit Sakura Summer!

In this world, there are hopeful existences who persevere despite knowing their imminent failure. She knows well and she carries on."

What's new

New SP battlesuit Cosmic Expression debuts! Bonuses event is launched, and you can complete missions to get Herrscher of Sentience Character Card.
Story Chapter XLII Earthbound Order is updated. Play the time-limited event to get 4-star event stigma, new battlesuit fragments, Crystals and more!
Featured event Starry Voyage: Strike Back! begins! Play the event to get Starchasm Nyx's new outfit, Crystals and more.