Hunter Raid : Idle RPG

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Nov 22, 2023
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Raise and awaken the Hunters!
Survive to the end of the bloody war which started with a mysterious red portal.

< Everything an Idle RPG should have >

▶ Cool Dungeons with intriguing worlds
– Play anywhere in the 「Past, Present, Wulin, and Otherworld」
– Immersive gameplay with smooth animations and dazzling effects!
▶ Job Advancement System (Building of Trials)
– A system where you can eliminate characters from other worlds and absorb their power to become stronger
– Obtain Berserker, Kensei, and Swordmaster skills
▶ Idle Play, Great Rewards, and Fast Growth!
– As an idle RPG, you can achieve fast growth with resources you can gather without doing anything.
– Your stats will improve day by day!
▶ Also…
– A Guild System where you can grow with your guildmates
– Cool costumes
…Other various features are also available!

< Hunter Story Chapter 1: A Mysterious Portal and an Invasion >
A red portal was discovered, the reason for its existence was unknown.
The huge waves of monsters that came through the portal were merciless.
90% of all humans died and Earth's remaining creatures became disfigured.
But the monsters never stopped coming, and monsters started to create other portals to help them find the remaining 10% of humans in hiding.
Finally, a Pandora's Box of 「Past, Present, Wulin, and Otherworld」 has opened!
…. to be continued

What's new

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Event Added