Jewel Puzzle-Merge game

The fun and simple Jewel Sliding puzzle game is now available for Android!
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Nov 28, 2023
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The fun and simple Jewel Sliding puzzle game is now available for Android!
Slide the Jewel blocks to create horizontal block lines with no gaps. When such a line is created, it is eliminated.In layman's terms, you need to move the jewel and merge them on a line.
This simple but addictive puzzle game, get high scores, not only allows you to experience the joy of puzzle games, but also train your brain!

How to play:
-Slide Jewel blocks left and right to create horizontal lines.
-Jewel block on the horizontal line will be eliminated.
-Use a variety of props to help you get high scores.
-Eliminate more blocks at once to get higher scores
-️If there is not enough space to place Jewel blocks, the game is over.

Jewel Game Features:
-Free classic Jewel game
-Classic 1010 gameplay!
– No WIFI required.
-You can play online or offline,
-Enjoy the jewel slider game anytime and anywhere.
-Colorful Jewel, cool explosion effects.
-Exercise your brain and keep it active
-"Block Slid" also allows you to enjoy the fun of sorting games.
-Free offline game to download play.
-Extras include a classic game: Block Puzzle
This free block game is definitely for you. This game combines elements of the 1010 game, gem block game, and gem sorting puzzle game, and is very suitable for killing time.
Download this free Jewel game loved by all ages and share it with friends and family!

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