K-POP : The Show

K-POP rhythm game “K-POP rhythm game”
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Nov 22, 2023
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K-POP rhythm game “K-POP rhythm game”

Tap notes that come down along with the beats of the hottest K-POP songs!
Rhythm Live offers amazing songs from diverse artists to entertain your eyes and ears!

An endless playlist of the latest K-POP songs!
Master a song and begin a long playlist of K-POP songs that await you.
New K-POP songs of artists on a regular basis.

Even more fun K-POP rhythm gameplay as you hit the perfect taps!
Tap, Swipe, And hold to get points by K-POP music and get the highest records.
Enhance your understanding of music by tapping your fingers to note patterns that become increasingly difficult!
The more perfect your gameplay, the more diverse the songs that will challenge you.

Play your favorite K-POP songs and put your name on them!
Put your name on the best 3 players for each song!
Enjoy your favorite K-POP songs with your names on the rank!
More fun, more exciting, and newer experiences await you at "Rhythm Live: The Show!"

Now, it's time to meet your own artist!!