Kids puzzles for girls

Kids puzzles for girls - is a unique educational game for girls and boys. All the pictures come to life!
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Nov 28, 2023
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Kids puzzles for girls – is a unique educational game for girls and boys. All the pictures come to life!
The goal of the game is to collect a picture from various pieces. Collect all kids puzzles for girls and boys and come all the characters to life! ✨

If you like jigsaw puzzles for kids, educational games for girls and boys, puzzle game, you will love our app! Every picture is the whole story. You will find many interesting stories hidden in the pictures. And cute characters will definitely not leave you indifferent.

We have selected for you the best kids puzzles for girls and boys with cartoon pictures and funny animations. You will definitely fall in love with our magic puzzles: fabulous unicorns, pets, animal puzzle, beautiful mermaids, fairies, princesses, and much more!

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting into our magic world of fairy tales, where all the pictures come to life. Collect high-quality colourful pictures every day!

The girls game will especially appeal to girls from 5 to 12 years old, but it will also be interesting for people of any age!

Such educational games for kids help develop concentration, fine motor skills, memory, logical thinking, and also relieve stress. It’s offline game. Enjoy magic jigsaw puzzles as you put the pieces together without internet.

• Our cool game for kids has different game levels: from 9 to 36 pieces!
• Kids puzzles for girls is an easy game to use and absolutely free. No need to collect points, open closed levels – just play and enjoy our jigsaw puzzles for free.
• Even toddlers can collect a picture piece by piece. It is enough to choose the simplest mode of 9 fragments.
• Our cool games for girls has a clear and simple interface! It is possible to see in advance what the finished mosaic looks like!
• Useful tips. Click "Hint" to substitute the next piece if you are at an impasse.
• Beautiful and user-friendly design will be a nice addition to wonderful stories!
• Our games for kids are absolutely free! Enjoy free puzzles in our offline game.You don't need to buy anything!
• Puzzles for kids is available on any device, you can play both on your phone and on your tablet.
• The game for kids works without the Internet!

The game for girls is very easy to use:
✔ Download and install the application;
✔ See puzzles, select a picture and click on it;
✔ Move the pieces to complete the mosaic;
✔ When you collect the mosaic, a mini-game starts: you need to burst the clouds, try to burst them all;
✔ When the child has completely assembled the puzzle and burst the clouds, the picture comes to life. Enjoy the wonderful animation story!

✨ Feel like a wizard, put magic puzzle pieces together, and come the picture to life! ✨