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Aug 9, 2023
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Educational games for kids are house building & learning truck games for toddlers. Let’s learn how to build a house and outstanding infrastructure with construction vehicles and trucks! Collect puzzles, fill up vehicles, send vehicles to a car wash, build houses quickly and with great fun

In the shovel & lorry game we’ll erect cool and functional buildings: the MILL, the FOUNTAIN, the FORGE, the HOSPITAL, the WELL and the SUPERMARKET!

Performing the following steps, we advance through the levels in the car building games for kids:

▪️collect a vehicle out of puzzle pieces
▪️refuel and send the vehicle to the mission
▪️watch an amazing action scene!
▪️after construction works wash the car with foam and bubbles

Hey, what's useful inside digging games for boys and girls?
With the jcb game, children learn the internal process of construction, they also easily memorize the names of construction machines, moreover, in different languages. ?
Learning games for kids 3 4 years old foster the development of fine motor skills and coordination (taps, slides movements, etc.), contribute to auditory and visual memory and give your little house builder with amazing moments of joy!

VEHICLES you meet in the car games for kids: logger, breaker, bulldozer, excavator, dump truck, digger, rammer, boer, pile header, flatbed truck, concrete mixer, building crane, aerial platform and other specific heavy machines!

What is interesting about the jcb wala game?

With the construction games progress kids observe the process of preparing the site and layering building materials, and learn heavy equipment.
Useful and exciting gadi game for those who want to know all the mechanics from the inside!
In the car repair games, the child can also fix cars like a real mechanic!
Now even parents will learn how the bottom of the pool should be laid and how to dig a well safely and what makes it similar and what differs between the construction of a hospital and the construction of a supermarket

The toddler games for 2 year olds have 15 languages – choose the one you want in the Parents’ Corner.
Cheerful music and a bright landscape interface set the mood for playful mode and … fun construction begins! ? Build a car and make a house in fun & cool games for boys 🙂

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