King of Warship: 10v10 Naval Battle

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Nov 23, 2023
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Attention! Calling out for all naval warfare history fans, war game lovers and veterans for a brand new military adventure!
Get ready for the dangerous journey and intense 3D real-time battles on high sea with famous historical naval vessels from the World War 2. Take over command of legendary war fleets and execute naval maneuver with action-packed strategy and thoughtful tactics. Fight alongside your alliance units against enemy battleships in realistic naval warfare simulation of historical WWII battles and become the supremacy at sea! 
AIM, FIRE & SINK – True immersive naval campaign experience on mobile!
Plunge into real open sea WWII naval battlefields anytime and anywhere! In an realistic 3D Atlantic, Pacific or Arctic ocean environment, take precise control and maneuver your invincible warship with authentic ship control panel. As the commanding captain, lead your elite crew through fast-paced strategic multiplayer crossfire above the cold waters and shoot down vicious enemy fleets in real-time!
ICONIC WW2 BATTLESHIPS – Rewrite naval history & complete your warship collection!
More than 200 original world famous warships with unique attributes and skills are recreated from greatest historical naval battles like Battle of Midway, Battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Leyte Gulf or Pearl Harbor Attack. Experience and command the most powerful Yamato, the threatening Bismarck, the massive Admiral Hipper and many more. Build your own marine of battleships, dreadnoughts, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, gunships and aircraft carriers which can be deployed for air force shooters and support in thrilling naval battles.
VARIABLE GAME MODES & BATTLEZONE MAPS – Explore single-player solo missions or exciting 10v10 multiplayer battle features with alliances all over the world!
Hone your skills across a range of different gunship operations and naval battleground in a breathtaking MMO seaworld action strategy game. Switch between playing offensive and defensive, strategically plan your routes and master the unique landscape of each battlefield. Engage in real-time sea battles with 20 real-life players on the navyfield! Team up with alliance fleets, work strategically together towards the goal in epic campaigns. Compete against players from all over the world, outsmart your enemies and conquer world rank with your superiority! Fascinating HD firestorm battles and realistic shooting action are just made for all eSports fanatics!
DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY & BATTLE GLOBALLY – Great social features makes gaming and communication more easier!
Represent your country with national flag and challenge players globally! Choose from a wide array of country ships. Invite friends and recruit your own team. Communicate via various in-game options like smart command or instant communication during chaotic sea battles. Bring honor and glory to your country! The battlefield is in your hands and victory is just a tap away!
WEAPONS, ARMORS, ABILITIES AND MORE – Forge your own fighting steel legends!
Collect epic warship fragments and unlock all types of naval artillery such as guns, cannons, missiles and torpedos. Level up important cutting edge tech modules and customize your star ship with ultimate assets. The painting system allows you to decorate your vessels with national flags and colors. Be a real captain of your own unique battleship and dominate the ocean!
Download King of Warship: 10v10 Naval Battle now and sail out to the wide ocean and experience real thrilling 3D MMO naval combat like never before. 
Network connection is required.
King of Warship: 10v10 Naval Battle is free to download and play. Some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.
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What's new

Repair: Fix the problem that some Android system devices cannot enter the game normally
New Battleship: Aircraft carrier"85-Red Star"
1. Emergency power system
2. Mascot: Little Prince
1. [Munitions Center] Added Nightmare Warships Lottery
2. The second passive skill rune function of the ship type is enabled
3. [Part] : Newly added Ten consecutive Part Modify + Select attribute modification.
4. [Mascot] Wearable clothing, adding battlefield attributes and replacing trigger effects.