Kritika Survivor

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Oct 31, 2023
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[A roguelike action game reborn through an original IP]
A new action roguelike in the Kritika series that has captivated 400,000 concurrent users!

[A stunning art style combined with quality 3D graphics]
Break away from the 2D norm of roguelike games!
Admire the unrivaled, fully 3D visuals made with the Unity engine!

[Characters that change based on the weapon]
Have fun with 3D characters that change based on the equipped weapon!

[Three skills that change based on the weapon]
Try out three different skills that change based on the weapons that are equipped!

[Simple controls that let you play with one hand]
A 3D game that can be easily enjoyed with just one hand!
Thanks to the simple gameplay system, anyone can play!

[Unlimited, free-flowing battles]
Survive against endless waves of monsters pouring through the dimensional door!
Experience dynamic and fresh battles through skills combos that change each round!

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* Inquiries: [email protected]
* Hive Account Inquiry:

[Permission Description]
Permission to view information and ID of mobile phone

What's new

Log in and get the Transcended-tier for free!
Start of the new event, !

* Take part in the new event! - Complete the event to obtain Kreator’s weapons!
* New chapters 51-65 - Meet the new boss monsters!
* New monster movesets - defeat the rush of monsters possessing new movesets!
* New bargain products available during the event period