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Nov 1, 2023
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A simple puzzle game where you drop and stick the same type of jelly together!
Let's stick together so as not to fill the stage!
If a jelly that sticks together sticks to another jelly, a combo will occur!
The more combos you have, the more your score will increase.

▼ Let's drop the jelly
Decide where to drop it and tap it.
Make lots of big jellies and earn scores
▼ Jelly changes steadily
Each time you stick the jelly, it will change to a different jelly.
At first, even small jellies get bigger and bigger, so the trick is to remember the order!

▼ Let's use the item well
There are also useful items such as a fork that can erase jelly and a fan that can shuffle the place.
If you use it well, you may be able to attach more jellies! ??

▼ The game ends when the stage is full
The game is over when the stage is full with jelly.
Clearing goals are different for each stage, so think carefully and stick the jelly together!

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ I like cute games
・ I like puzzles
・ I like to update the high score
・ People who want to play games
・ I want to play easily and quickly
・ Seeking a feeling of exhilaration
・ I'm looking for hyper casual
・ I'm looking for an easy-to-use game
・ People who want to relieve stress
・ People who want to kill time
・ People who like jelly
・ People who like plump things