Link Match

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Nov 3, 2023
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Pack your stuff! It is time to go on a journey around the world! With what?! Your lovely caravan of course! Seems exciting, isn’t it? Well, welcome to the exciting world of Link Match. Hop on in!

Link Match is an innovative, next-generation match 3 game, with improved & easy controls to pick up. Start tackling levels one after another. Link colorful objects together to crush them. Make long links to clear the board, and earn chests that contain amazing rewards! The game is focused on player freedom and making very large combos. It even allows diagonal linking!

Levels are specially designed so that they will stimulate your senses through visually pleasing characters, satisfying physical effects, and unique boosters. Playing Link Match is like directing a cartoon. Cause colorful explosions, direct mini planes toward your targets, and save chubby birds to make some space. Every move you make will put a smile on your face.


◉ Unique and easy to pick up

◉ Relaxing gameplay

◉ Polished art style

◉ Variety of Boosters; Mini planes, bombs, rockets, and -if you manage to get it- the amazing COLOR BLASTER!

◉ Compete with real players around the world and put your name on the leaderboards

◉ Story mode with thousands of levels

◉ Scientifically proven gameplay that improves cognitive brain functions

◉ Endless fun!

Want to clear your mind and focus on having fun? Well, your caravan is still waiting for you. We are all packed with all these features and ready for you to join! Have a seat. We’ll get the journey beginning while you wait for the download!