Ludo Kingdom Board Online Game

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Nov 2, 2023
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Ludo Kingdom is an interesting ludo game online which can play with your friends and family. Ludo is a board game, also know as ludu,lodo, Chopat, Chaupur, Pachisi, Pachis or Parcheesi. You can choose ludo online or ludo offline

Ludo Rules are easy for people of all ages. Ludo game is played between 2 to 6 players. Each player has 4 tokens. Whoever gets all four tokens to the Home first is the winner of the ludo game. When a player rolls a six,the token can be moved out. By rolling the dice, you can move on and capture others token, If you move all of 4 tokens to home and will be the winner of ludo game!

Ludo Kingdom Special:
Ludo Online: Play Ludo Online Mode with multiplayers around the world. Beat your opponent players and be the King of Ludo Game. And you can chat and send Emoji while playing ludo game.
Ludo Offline: If you are not in a good network now, then you can try ludo offline mode. Play Ludo with computer is also a better choice.
Ludo Private Room: Create a private room and invite your friends to play ludo on mobile phone. Or Create a local room to play ludo face to face.
Ludo Kingdom Mode: When you play ludo , you can collect woods and stones to build and upgrade your kingdom. Let’s battle whose kingdom is the most beautiful kingdom in the ludo world !

Other Ludo Kingdom Feature
Chat with Your Friends: When you play ludo online game, you can have a ludo chatting with your friends and family in our ludo kingdom game.
Interesting emojis: Send some special ludo emojis and gifts in our ludo online game such as flowers or throw someone a kiss. It must be very nice in our ludo game online.
Ludo Quick: You also can play ludo quick mode in our Ludo kingdom game. You need capture others tokens to unlock the entry of ludo home.

Get Ready for play ludo online or ludo offline ? Download now let us enjoy Ludo Kingdom together. You will get more fun in our Ludo games ! Try Ludo Now!

Please share your feedback if you are in trouble in our ludo kingdom game and tell us how to improve our ludo game online or ludo game offline. Send about messages from the following :
Email: [email protected]