Lunar Lion Dance 2023

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Oct 26, 2023
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We heard you, we went back to the drawing board, and we would like to present Lunar Lion Dance 2023! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Lunar Lion Dance 2023. Goodbye Year of the Tiger, hello Year of the Water Rabbit!

The lion dance is a traditional performance that takes place around Chinese New Year (CNY). Lion dances, also known as múa lân (Vietnam) or barongsai (Indonesia), are performed to ward off evil spirits and to bring luck in the new year. So if you hear rhythmic drum beats and beautiful lions dancing along the street, that means Lunar New Year has come!

Experience Chinese New Year right at your fingertips. Instead of Lunar New Year calendars, stickers or fortunes, enjoy yourself with this run and jump platform casual game. Lunar Lion Dance, an endless arcade game, is built around the cultural experience of the Lunar New Year, specifically the mystical lion dance performance. Share the joy with your family, and enjoy either some casual gaming experience or some friendly competition in this festive holiday season.

Lunar Lion Dance features an arcade gameplay that requires using either single jump or double jump to land on the platforms. Jump on the platforms ahead and use the jump force choices wisely. Simple gameplay, but it wouldn’t be an arcade game without a challenge.

As you progress further in the game, the speed will gradually increase. So, tap fast and accurately and keep up with the speed. Miss a platform or lag behind the increased speed, and it’s game over! Or play it as a casual game, and take in the Lunar New Year vibes.

As you progress further, some platforms will disappear once the lion has landed on them. Make your jumps quickly before you fall off the platform.


Festive Theme: Join in the fun as the lion dance performers greet you this Chinese New Year. Lunar Lion Dance is all about fast gameplay and fun. Tune your senses into the game and tap your way to a high score. Share the game with your family members. Chinese New Year is all about bonding with your family members. Create memories together and have a great time with this arcade game! Get your friends to Lunar Lion Dance too!

Easy and Quick Gameplay: Lunar Lion Dance has straightforward gameplay. All you have to do is tap the available jump force to jump on the incoming platforms. Tap on the available jumps in the game. Jump once or jump twice. Plan your route ahead. Gameplay and game art have been upgraded from the last version. Pick up coins too to be used in the Lion Dance shop.

Unlock Skins: Bright color schemes are a must in a lion dance performance, keeping with the mood of the Lunar New Year celebration. Unlock different skins of different color combinations to enhance your very own personalized gaming experience in the Lunar Lion Dance 2023 game. Unlock the special Year of the Rabbit lion dance skin available in the store!

Fun Facts: Also known as Lunar New Year, 2023 brings in the Year of the Rabbit. Lunar New Year signifies the coming of the new year based on the moon cycles calendar. This festive holiday is shared among many cultures across different countries. It is known as Tết in Vietnam, while Chinese New Year (CNY) and Lunar New Year are the more common names for the new year in other parts of the world. In Korea, it’s known as Seollal, while in Mongolia it is known as Tsagaan Sar. This festival is mainly celebrated in China, as well as in countries with a big Chinese population, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

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