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?Warning!! A peaceful monster village is getting assaulted!
The Apprentice Witch has been given a mission to sweep monsters in order to pass the final task of the Mage Qualification test.
Though, her magic looks somewhat clumsy…
Monsters are all out and attacking her trying to be a survivor in the battle and defend their own neighbor.
I’m sorry for monsters but the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.
Join her final task and help her to become a mage!

Magic Survivor is an adventure – roguelike survivor game with a unique storyline. You are not a lone survivor, tiny survivor, or zombie survivor… You are a strong magic survivor, a cute but clumsy one with unknown power and ready to face up with the monster.

⭐How to play⭐
– Use one finger to move your character to avoid attack from monsters
– Pick up crystals, magic box, booster, boom… to help you level up your magic skills

⭐Features of Magic Survivor⭐
– Monsters are attacking in all directions, they use all their forces to crush you, use your magic to counter them and be the last mage survivor of the battle
– The more monsters defeated, the stronger your magic is. You can level up from a tiny survivor into a great mage. Pick up a booster during battles to improve your magic power, the combination of magic skills is satisfying!
– Facing up with the powerful boss at the very last time of the level, keep your consciousness because they are much stronger, faster, and smarter than the normal monster. Try your best to survive in the rain of bullets.
Although people think that the little mage is a lone survivor or tiny survivor, she has great potential in magic. Let's be her companion and be the star of the battlefield.

Cast your spell in Magic Survivor now!