Master League – Rush Force

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?Master League calling from outer space! Time to build your super force for a fantastic galaxy adventure!?‍♂️

Master League is a Free Casual Idle RPG remix game which contains funny rush play and exciting idle heroes combat.
Starting from a skinny body, you need to use your smart brain to get as tall and wide as you can. Can you become stronger and beat the final boss? Have a try!⚔️
Evolve to the outer space, you can gather your superhero squad! Summon various mythic heroes and level up, can you become the galaxy legends? It’s your legend league!☄️
Join Master League, unite and fight for super hero!

Taller and Wider! Bigger you can win!?
Choose the right gate, grow up your role as fast as you can. Every choice you made brings a body shape change. Will you become taller like a stick, or fatter like a ball? Try to combine them both to challenge the final boss!

Assemble! Super Hero!?‍♀️
Galaxy needs a saver! You are the only choice of Captain Ape! Over hundreds of super heroes waiting for your command, each of them has special gifts and skills. Summon your powerful hero squad, start an amazing adventure, and complete the impossible mission!

Equip! Use team formation B!⚔️
Now you have your hero team. Have you ever thought whether they can cooperate well in a group? Find the powerful formation with super champions from six factions, combination can bring special team buff! Strong force consists of legendary super heroes. Level up skills, upgrade equipment, you build your heroes!

AFK? Fight never stop!?
Even during your AFK time, Captain Ape will help you train your squads. To save the galaxy, you need to pass thousands of levels. Your team will always be ready for different enemies. Collect the booties when you come back to the battlefield. Don’t forget to strengthen your team power with booties!

Multiverse! Multiple universes to explore!?
Boring of saving the galaxy? Captain Ape can help! As the cap of multiverse, Captain Ape can also bring you to explore various spaces! Roguelike adventure through Space-time Rift, find friends in Commander Union, challenge other super hero squads from different galaxy in the Void Arena, hunt down the wanted criminal in the Cyber Tavern… More than imagination!

Play game like Super hero style! Master League!

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