Milionerzy po polsku

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Nov 2, 2023
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Play for a million zlotys!

The game consists in giving the correct answer by selecting one of the four proposed variants.
The player must answer all 11 questions correctly to win the grand prize, a million zlotys.
In addition, the player has guaranteed guaranteed sums of PLN 1,000 and PLN 40,000 in the event of an incorrect answer and the end of the game Millionaire in Polish.

Before the game, you can take part in the preliminaries where the questions instead of one correct answer require to be put in the right order.
Will you answer correctly? Let's hope soon, because someone else can overtake you!

Will you bet on a million or will you leave faster with some cash?
You can leave the game at any time by giving up and leaving the level for cash.
Exercise your brain because each level has more difficulty, it is better to leave the lifebuoys for later and use them for really difficult questions, it is not an easy game so get ready like a strategist on the battlefield.

The eliminations contain several hundred different questions, arrange or match the answers correctly and be the first of 10 because both correct answers and time count in the game.

Good luck! Become a millionaire and play now!