Mr.Billion: Idle Rich Tycoon

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Nov 2, 2023
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Ever dreamed of being a rich tycoon, living the real & high life? Well, buckle up because "Mr. Billion" is here to make that dream come true! It's the real simulator game where you can go from zero to hero. Make smart choices, climb that success ladder, and swim in billions! Get ready to kickstart your glamorous career and make serious moolah!

Start from rock bottom, helping an unemployed dude in this addictive life simulator. Watch him transforms from a poor man to the richest one! It won't be easy, but hey, that's what makes it exciting. You get to pick where you study and work, so make those choices count!

Graduate college and hit the streets as a hustling beggar. Upgrade your skills and knowledge to the max. Choose from different courses like sales manager or even law school. Do whatever it takes to speed up that promotion. This money simulator game is waiting for you, my friend!

Live the life of a fancy-pants tycoon in no time. It's up to you to choose whether you'll be a manager, deputy director or even a startup financier. Do everything you can to keep your business sim from starving on the streets!

Say goodbye to the streets and hello to dorms, then upgrade to a cozy little apartment. And who knows? Maybe you'll end up in a swanky townhouse, a luxurious villa, or if you're feeling extra fancy, your very own private island. This simulation game lets you live a life of a billionaire that is full of luxury!

Love is in the air! Find yourself a stunning partner and decide if they're "the one." Will you tie the knot or keep searching for perfection? Move in together, build a strong bond, and start a family. Watch those little ones grow up right before your eyes!

Keep your health and happiness in check, my friend. Take care of yourself and fulfill your character's desires. It's all about keeping that happiness indicator stable.

Key features of "Mr.Billion" life simulator:
– Start from scratch and fight to survive;
– Get rich and accumulate cash;
– Dress to impress with stylish clothes, fancy apartments, and cool cars, or invest your money wisely;
– Make the right choices, achieve your goals, and become a millionaire;
– Live to the fullest in this money game;
– Easy-peasy gameplay—just tap and make choices;
– Go from rags to riches and become a rich man out there;
– Trade stocks or start your own business, be the boss of your destiny;
– Take charge of your living and find that sweet happiness.

Dive into the thrilling world of making money and chase the dream of becoming a billionaire! Earn cash, play this idle life simulator game. And live like a rich tycoon in "Mr.Billion"!

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