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Nov 3, 2023
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How to Make Your Own slime ASMR with Talking Buddy

You can make your own slime ASMR with Talking Buddy!
This tutorial will show you how to make slime that makes satisfying, relaxing ASMR sounds when you play with it making slime is a fun activity for all ages. Plus, it's a great way to de stress after a long day.

These games provide a unique sensory experience that can help you to unwind and feel more calm. If you're looking for a way to relax, then playing an ASMR slime game like Talking Buddy may be perfect for you.

How to Make Your Own slime ASMR with Talking Buddy: tamagotchi style game

Looking for a fun and unique way to spend some time? Check out Slime Simulator, the latest pet buddy game that's taking the internet by storm! POW!

With its cute and colorful graphics, addicting gameplay, and friendly slime companions, it's easy to see why this game is so popular. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and start playing and kicking buddy today !

One of the most popular game characters like a goo is making a comeback. The digital pet that required players to take care of it by feeding, cleaning and playing with it everyday.

What is slime ASMR, and why you should make your own with Talking Buddy

Jelly my talking slime-simulator is a great game for kids of all ages. With its simple controls and cute graphics, it's easy to see why this game is so popular. And with its Slime Simulator feature, you can create your own slimy creations!

ASMR is a sensation often described as a "tingling" feeling that begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine. It is often triggered by certain sounds or visuals, such as stretching or squishing. Your Buddy is a very elastic and peppy cat or dog. You can customize outfit for your friend and give him a name like Tom or Jerry.
You can also create a dog, wizzard, jelly, monster by changing outfit for Talking Buddy. It works like a Toy Factory.

Why Talking Buddy slime ASMR is the best way to relax. It's better than pop-it, fidget games and slime idlers
The Buddy game is a Tamagotchi-style in which you must take care of a virtual pet
– create your slime
– squish them ouch
– squeeze jelly and change outfit
– slime, play
– and kick the buddy

What's new

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- New tools & mechanics
- More ways to care of your pocket friend
- Minor bug fixes & improvements
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