My Way: истории и Love новеллы

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May 19, 2023
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✦ The mobile game My Way Stories is a whole universe in your phone!

Aggregator of interactive stories and visual novels
✦ Temporarily open all content + unlimited currency + disabled ads
Download and enjoy!

*** Attention ***
The team's trip to New York and what happened on the island of North Brother does not fit into the framework of reason. In this regard, we decided to open content for free for a while. Six hours of total immersion!
We hope you appreciate it.

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Interactive stories, visual novels, love games with thin threads intertwined with each other. Enjoy playing for free. Constant updates. Everything you need is here:

✦ Your decisions are your consequences!

– Branching plot, create your own ending;
– Develop your hero, changes will not leave you indifferent;
– Real-life locations – transport yourself to the scene without leaving your home!
– Characters with a deep, thoughtful biography – lively, emotional;
– Secret thoughts, secrets, stories and stories from life – in a special personal diary;
“Love and drama awaits you. Romance and horror. Mysticism, fantasy, adventure, and even anime and detective stories!

❖ Our stories / chapters:

✦ Hidden threat / Hidden choice

Genre: romance, detective, adventure, role playing

Everything was perfect in your future: a loving family, a faithful girlfriend, a lover, a popular guy, ambitious dreams and plans.
In an instant it all became the past.
The heart is beating fast, everything is in one breath.
Moving to New York, adventurous neighbor, cheeky Dave and cute Isaac. Why did you have to get into an argument with the arrogant Heather Chat?

How did you end up with all this company in a creepy factory? Do you think your life after what you see will remain the same? And someone will allow?!
The thing is rubbish! I want to cry out loud! Can you get out of this mess?

✦ Reverse / Reverse episode

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, RPG

Nowadays. There is a little-known virus in the world – having become infected with it, a person plunges into a coma and ends up in a parallel world. Mysterious, mystical atmosphere, eternal glow, abandoned club, overgrown uninhabited houses – life has stopped here.
The inhabitants of this world are divided into two warring factions: the first is building a new world, establishing a rigid hierarchy and rules in it. The second faction has no taboos and rules, and it seeks by all means to find a way out or a connection with the outside world.
Get ready! In this world there is something or someone third – ethereal and merciless creatures that were once people. Contact with them is fatal for everyone.

You've just entered this world and you've been discovered. Who are you? What's with the weird tattoo on your arm? You don't remember, but your lack of memory didn't stop you from experiencing the atmosphere of romance, the excitement in your chest from meeting Charles. You will have a difficult choice, which depends on which faction you will be in. Do you want to stay in this world or is it time to get out?!

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