Nextbots Memes BR: Online/MP

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Hey friend! ? Do you already know the game Nextbots Memes BR? ? He is just amazing! Available both for mobile devices, at the link: through Google Play, and for Windows, at the link: https:// ?

Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible, but stay tuned, with each coin collected, a new Nextbot is added, further increasing the game's difficulty. ? But don't worry, you can hide in the various houses with internal access scattered around the map. ?​

In it, you can play in first or third person, on a giant map full of Brazilian Nextbots based on current and nostalgic memes. Recently, a new map was added, the Backrooms ? ( Which is an unfinished part of the world of a randomly generated labyrinth, characterized by the walls with a monochrome shade of yellow…. )

In addition, the game has several easter eggs to discover as you explore the map, and there are also hidden "Easter Island Heads", which allow you to unlock new characters. But remember, character unlock mode is only available in Campaign/Offline game mode. ?​

And best of all, the long-awaited multiplayer/online mode has just been created! ? Now you can compete with other players for the global ranking, collecting coins, clocks and hearts, each with its own score. But be careful, there are several Nextbots scattered around the map, which are created with each collected coin.​

The game's graphics and setting are incredible, with day, evening, and night cycles. ???

So, what are you waiting for? Download Nextbots Memes BR right now and start playing. ?

Have fun testing your skills and exploring this amazing game! ?