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Oct 26, 2023
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We have prepared Gamyun Okey, where you can play unlimited okey with FREE rated games, with years of experience, and we added VAT on top of it 🙂 Does Okey have VAT? This game, which is also called banko in some regions, is much more enjoyable than okey. The goal is to minimize the sum of non-pairs, as opposed to face-to-face. The most important difference from okey is that you get the chance to win by changing the balances by ending up in pairs, even by throwing okey in the last hand.

You can play as many games with points as you want without paying any fee, or if THIS excitement is not enough for you, you can play our pistachio games.

It is difficult to both play games and text, now you can call your friends by voice, chat while playing games…

You can meet new people, chat, make friends. You can play co-op games with your friends. Lounge, table and private chats are at your fingertips. If you want, you can easily write your messages with dictation without using a keyboard. You can customize your membership with premium services and be different.

The features or peanuts you receive are valid in all our games. You do not get separate features and peanuts for each game. You use a nickname in our games, your name or picture will not be visible when you connect with facebook.

If you like our application, you will make us happy if you take a moment to write a positive review with lots of stars. Thanks in advance… You can write your suggestions, requests and complaints to [email protected].

Banko Okey with VAT is a board game for four players. At the start, 14 stones are distributed to everyone and 15 to the player who will start the game first. A stone opens on the ground and the top of this stone is "okey" and can be used instead of all stones.

The game begins when the first player throws a useless piece to the next player. The aim of the game is to line up the same colored stones (1-2-3) or to make groups of different colors of the same numbered stones (7-7-7). At least 3 pieces form a group, there is no restriction on the maximum number of pairs they can make. He can make a 12-13-1 when forming a pair, but not a 13-1-2 lined up. If a pair is created from the same color group, it can make at least 3 (7-7-7), at most 4 different colors (7-7-7-7).

The next player can take the stone thrown by the previous player if it works for him, if he does not want to take it, he draws a stone from the middle. Then, he can hold the stone he wants to throw, drag it, drop it to the right of the cue, and throw it on the ground.

How Does the Game/Hand End Happen?
The player who puts the 14 stones in pairs in a row wins the game and ends the game by placing the 15th stone in his hand on the place where he has drawn the stone in the middle of the table. At the end of the game, the remaining numbers of the players who could not finish the game are added up and the penalty points are calculated and written to that person's digit. At the end of the game, the person with the least penalty points wins the game.

How is the penalty calculated?
The calculation of penalties in the game varies according to the color of the indicator. The penalty is calculated by multiplying the sum of the non-pair pieces in your hand by the indicator color. The sum of the non-pair numbers in your hand is multiplied by 2 if the indicator is yellow, 3 if it is blue, 4 if it is red, and 5 if it is black. Penalties are calculated as 2 times in addition to the color multipliers available for the player who goes double.

The player who finishes the hand gets points according to the indicator color. It scores -20 for yellow, -30 for blue, -40 for red and -50 for black. In the same way, the player who makes the indicator gets points as at the end of the game. The player who finishes the game by throwing okey gets 10 times the score he would normally get.

For example, if the indicator is a red stone, the player who ends at the end of the game gets 40×10, -400 points. Players who accidentally throw okey while playing the game (in our scoring games) or players who have a chess in their hands and are not included in a pair will be penalized 10 times the finish in that color. Also, other players' penalties are multiplied by 2 if the finished player ends up with rummy or a double, and 4 if he ends up with both a double and rummy.

What's new

We carefully develop and update our games to ensure the best gaming experience on Gamyun.

In this version, we've enabled you to change your nickname from your profile and made various improvements.

We wish everyone good games, lots of fun and good health.