Outlaw Cowboy:west adventure

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Nov 28, 2023
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Welcome to Outlaw Cowboy, a thrilling simulation and strategy game that immerses you in the treacherous world of the American West. Set during the pioneering days of the Wild West, where the feverish gold rush attracted hordes of settlers, you will assume the role of a fearless bounty hunter. Your mission: conquer all that this lawless land has to offer.

With your sights set on fertile lands, you must stake claim to them by any means necessary. Form powerful gangs that instill fear in the hearts of outlaws, fight valiantly against those who stand in your way, recruit a formidable army, and transform a humble town into a thriving settlement, echoing the spirit of the West.

Key Features:

Capture Fugitives to Claim Bounties: Become the ultimate bounty hunter by tracking down and capturing fugitives. From notorious outlaws and cunning mafia members to shrewd capitalists and relentless enforcers, each fugitive presents an opportunity for lucrative rewards and reputation growth.

Recreate Classic Western Elements: Experience the nostalgia of the Wild West as you embark on a quest to reclaim your town's land. Take up arms, claim bounties, and rebuild your settlement from the ground up, creating a vibrant and prosperous community amidst the vast wilderness.

Liberty City Building: Exercise your creativity with open-ended construction options as you shape your town according to your preferences. Will you opt for luxurious grandeur or streamlined efficiency? Marvel at the changing seasons and adapt to the challenges presented by day and night cycles. Interact with a diverse range of dynamic non-player characters, bringing life and authenticity to your bustling town.

The Lawless West: Indulge in the thrilling activities that define the lawless West. Test your luck at high-stakes Black Jack tables, try your hand at exciting slots, and engage in gripping western showdowns. With a vast array of equipment, horses, and loyal companions to recruit, you can forge your own destiny as an outlaw or a wise detective, braving the treacherous journey across the border.

Alliances & Social Interaction: Forge alliances with like-minded individuals and harness the power of collaboration. Utilize embedded translation functions and alliance chat features to communicate effectively with your allies. Take charge and establish your own extrajudicial gang, paving the way for a new order in the Wild West. Unite against powerful enemies, conquer alliance strongholds, and solidify your dominance over the untamed frontier.

Outlaw Cowboy offers an unparalleled gaming experience that captures the essence of the American West. Prepare yourself for an immersive adventure where you can establish your reign, build alliances, and shape the destiny of this lawless land. Are you ready to ride into the sunset and carve your name into the annals of history?

What's new

1. New "Battle for the 4 Corners" Battlefield
The "Battle for the 4 Corners" is a brand new scenario battlefield event. During the event, Bosses from each of the four evenly matched States will compete against each other to become the outlaw "Lord of the 4 Corners" and win tons of rewards!
2. New Hero Equipment System
3. New Pets: Chief, Heracles, and Talon
4. New Thanksgiving Events
5. New Town Decorations: Windmill and Twisty Windmill
6. Optimized Western Treasure