Pixel Hunter Idle

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Oct 31, 2023
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✅ Welcome to Pixel Hunter, the ultimate idle RPG where you can upgrade your hunter and have spectacular battles with tons of monsters while you're away for 24 hours!
✅ Addictive gameplay, stunning pixel graphics and tons of content will keep you entertained for hours.
✅ Explore a vast world filled with treasure-filled dungeons and powerful enemies. Choose from a variety of weapons with unique characteristics and skills, and show off your strategy with a variety of equipment and skill options!
✅ Engage in thrilling battles against monsters and bosses and collect loot to upgrade your hero's equipment and skills. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new areas to explore and discover powerful artifacts and items that can give you a significant advantage in battle.
✅ And that's not all! The Idle Gameplay system allows you to continue earning offline rewards even when you're not playing. Set your heroes to automate battles and watch them deal with enemies and collect items.
✅ So what are you waiting for? Download Pixel Hunter Idle now and experience the ultimate idle RPG adventure! Play Now!

Hack and Slash Survival 2D Pixel Idle Role Playing Game! Hunt numerous monsters and upgrade your character. Get started now!

What's new

1. Guild Battle added! Hunt monsters with your guild mates!
2. A Halloween event has been added! Get different costumes and wings!
3. The Infinite Tower stage has been added.
4. Bugs fixed and stability improved.