Resolute Hero RPG

Experience inflation of your character's level and incredible items.
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Mar 21, 2023
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Experience inflation of your character's level and incredible items.

Collect 400 different items as you fight through a huge world with 240+ unique enemies to encounter.

You can develop your character with countless combinations of massively powerful equipment:
90+ weapons to choose from
12 different types of armor slots with 180+ different total equipment options
Equip up to 5 different accessories

Experience a wide range of statistics to power up your characters: Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Bonus Experience, Life Regeneration, Extra Turns, Double Attacks & Double Hits (stacking), Extra stat points per level, Damage Reflection, Elemental Reduction, Elemental Amplification, Surviving Fatal Attacks, Increased Gold Drop Rate, Increased Item Drop Rate and more!

What's new

- Adds new zones: High Heavens and Realm of Eternity
- Add Automation Faerie magic, which can be accessed shortly after level 250
- Adds a quick selector for item sets, a better way to collapse weak items, and improves item comparison screen slightly
- Adds new battle animations and speeds them up during multi-hits/attacks
- Fix bugs: battle prediction is now more accurate. Bonuses don't reroll on game start
- Balance: increased drop rates in early game.