Robbery Bob: Stealth Master

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Nov 20, 2023
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Be a thief simulator, robber sneaking is your way to shiny loot. Overcome security system, use tricks and hack. Use snake cam to see what is hidden behind closed doors. Avoid guards and outsmart them, use stealth to take them down with sneak attack. You have to find secret rooms for steal loot in the treasure chests. Visit black market to exchange stolen money for equipment to use in assassin ninja for your burglar. This robbery bob is FPS(first person shooter) heist. Thief simulator game an action and stealth contains RPG elements, and amazing low poly graphics. You will be robbing various places to steal a lot of items in thief master.
Places to Stole

This is always beloved place to stole for robbers. A lot of shops to loot, nice big corridors, an ideal heist, and a lot of loot to steal. keep in mind there are also security guards and cameras too. Fortunately each shopping mall has an extensive ventilation system, robbers bob love those. This place is unique by some way, as there are hidden secret military technology and much secrets.

This is best heist place to start thief career. Sometime little house offers you a lot of loot for inexperienced robber bob for seasoned thieves. Take step wisely as security system. No robber want to trigger, an alarm and attract cops, right? Avoid nasty robo dog as rich people security guards to care houses. Try to avoid cellar too, as some burglars say there is something evil hiding inside and not the rats.

This place would be your lovely heist, many expensive things to steal. Costly statues, crystals, white stones, and glass showcases. Museum has a good security system with guards. Your ideal for stealth master, this one is no exception. Be careful from breaking showcases, it can alert guards. Use ventilation system and be careful while sneaking around the security guards, as they have heavy guns.

This place serves a lot to as a city map and sanctuary for your burglar in Sneak Thief. Plan how to start your heist. place where you can make stealing black market and inventory.

Wants to know which is the best place to get thief tools? Offering tools like spy cam, hacking kit, sensors, lockpicks, master keys and much more. Buy gadgets like stun mines and stun grenades etc. Of course thief simulator clothing and boosters placed to increase your burglar attributes like speed, stealth, and health attributes in robbery games.

This heist luckily unlocked for best thieves in the city. Remember the mall mentioned above? This is same place as zombie apocalypse. this is the mall you knew before doesn't loot, it is ruined, destroyed in war, some new zombie's still roaming. There is not much to steal as burglars already took everything. But there are ammo, weapons, frag grenades and mines hidden. Forget about sneaking, find all weapons and let use them

Become sneaky burglar, stealth master hidden in shadow, treasures, and sneak your way to the shiny loot, steal them all. Avoid the guards to be robbery bob and take them down with sneak attack. This thief simulator has it all.
Avoid security cameras, hack passwords and weapons to use. Spy the area to distract the guards. Find hiding places like bushes, barrels, trash cans and toilets of you like. You have to be spy cam master to see what is hidden behind doors. Setup traps like mines to get rid to guards. Be stealth master, unlock closed doors and you have to treasure chests in a lockpicking mini game.

This Sneak Thief game offers Normal, Easy, Hard and Madness difficulty level. The harder the game you will play, the better reward you will get. Include extra content, enemies, treasure chests and secret places for your fun.

This game offers: Easy, Normal, Hard and Madness difficulty.
The harder the game is, the better reward you get. Including extra content, loo, enemies, treasure chests, secret places and fun.