Ruins Story

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Nov 2, 2023
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2D Rogue Light Action Shooter.
For holding the smartphone vertically.
Move, aim, and shoot at high speeds using a single finger operation! High-tempo battle!
Explore using items as they are unlocked, coming up with new builds and strategies each time.

High-speed movement to the targeted floor, wall, or ceiling with a flick of the finger.
Use two types of weapons by tapping and swiping.
Resource management and well-timed attacks are essential.
Depending on the combination of enhanced items, the fighting style changes drastically!
Think about your strategy to prepare for powerful Boss Enemies.

Equipment Acquisition
Various enhancement items can be obtained within the search.
They are lost when returning from exploration, but they all have powerful abilities.
When the search is over, unlock new equipment using obtained items!
Find your own strongest build!

The story progresses with each exploration.
The Genesis Log tells the story of the main character "Ruina" and her support robot "Nekoro" and their past.
The story unfolds from two perspectives.
What happened in the past and present….
To deal with the crisis facing mankind, Ruina and Nekoro continue their search.

What's new

· New weapons, new equipment, and new Nekoro chips.
· New feature that allows players to use consumable item during explorations.
· Added items for new players at the beginning of the game.
· It’s easier to get Unstable Cores at the title screen now.
· New weapon and increased drop rate.
· New feature that allows players to change Nekoro chips in SET menu.
· Fixed a fatal bug that caused rewards couldn’t be collected.
· Rank reset due to the update.
· New achievements.
· Bug fixes.