Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

"The first Saint Seiya Themed Vertical Screen Idle RPG, ""Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice"" brand new version is released!
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Aug 11, 2023
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"The first Saint Seiya Themed Vertical Screen Idle RPG, ""Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice"" brand new version is released!
Under the deep sea, the Poseidon Chapter reveals! Break into the Temple of Poseidon, battle with the Marinas Generals, defeat the Sea God Poseidon, and save the goddess Athena!

Learn more news about the knights of Poseidon Chapter, join events and win rewards there.

[Poseidon Chapter Starts with New Gameplay]
""Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice"" Poseidon Chapter is available with many new gameplays.
– Virgo Shun UP: The gentle and powerful cosmo has been raised to the limit of life, and the Andromeda Bronze Cloth and the Virgo Gold Cloth resonate. Finally, Virgo Shun debuts! Nebula Chains power was unleased, dealing a lot of damage to all enemies as well as greatly improving allies' attack and defense. It is definitely worth training to become the main force of the team!
– Goddess Trial: time-limited challenge, put the trial knight – Virgo Shun in your team to defeat guardians and unlock the ultimate reward!
– Master Tactician: it's time to test your understanding of the game. Form your best team, match in real-time, and start fair battles with global opponents to compete for the TOP1 glory!

[Benefits for New Players, Log in to Claim Powerful Gold Knight]
""Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice"" Poseidon Chapter comes with great benefits for new players! Keep logging in the game, then you can get a 5-star Gold Knight on the 2nd day and the powerful DPS 6-star Leo Aioria on the 7th day; complete the exclusive event for new players, and you can get the super supporter 5-star Aries Mû! Let's check more events in the game!

[Official Authorization to Revive the Original Manga]
Adapted from the original Saint Seiya manga with strict supervision! The classic plot of the Poseidon Chapter is reproduced. Go to the bottom of the sea with the Knights of Athena and challenge the Sea God Poseidon; rescue the Goddess and destroy the evil plan of the Sea Dragon Canon.

[Real-Time Fierce Battle, Burning Your Cosmo]
Play the first Saint Seiya themed vertical screen idle RPG ""Saint Seiya"" mobile game anywhere and anytime which shows you heart-beating battles with the 3D screen. Release the classic skills, Pegasus Meteor Punch, Rozan Rising Dragon Blow, and Flying Phoenix on your finger!

[Collect Knights to Create the Strongest Team]
The 88 Knights under the Goddess Athena assemble! Pegasus Seiya, Phoenix Ikki, Virgo Shaka and Gemini Saga are all here at your command. Marina Generals under the Sea God Poseidon also join the battle, such as Sea Dragon Canon, Siren Sorento and Kraken Isaac. Gather your favorite knights to form the strongest team for guarding the Goddess!

[Strategic Formation Turns Defeat Into Victory]
Collect Knights to get more options for your team! There are six elements of Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Light and Darkness, four types of Protector, Warrior, Assassin, and Skilled Knights, attribute restraint and control skills, there is no strongest knight but only stronger formation. Bronze knights counterattack gold knights, staged battle myths of turning defeat into victory!