Save The House

Have you ever experienced being alone at home? It's quite scary!
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Feb 8, 2023
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Have you ever experienced being alone at home? It's quite scary!

Welcome to Alex's story. That he is home alone because his family accidentally leaves him on their vacation out of town.
Being alone at home is Alex's dream, but now he gets scared by strange voices. He got frightened by his next-door neighbor, the strange man who is rumored by the local kids to be a serial killer.

He took a brave step and checked from the mail slot and saw the pair of sneaky burglars trying to get in. Alex overhears their robbery plans to get out with pockets full of loot and decides to trick them.

Now Alex has to stop the robbers to get in. Let's get ready for the action!
Help him to set pranks by choosing the right option. Just don’t clash with robbers, it is not like other bank robbery or thief games. In this, you just have to put yourself in fun and amazing pranks with thieves & burglars.

Do you have what it takes to be brave? Just ruin their plan through your pranks. Make the right choices and run away before you are detected.

– Entertaining gameplay!
– Endless variety of fun options to make.
– Detailed home building.
– Sneaking adventure puzzle.
– Easy and smooth controls!
– Engaging gameplay with a wide variety of mechanics!

Remember! The better the choices you make, the funnier pranks you made!

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