Simon Super Rabbit Vs Pr. Wolf

The evil Professor Wolf has stolen all the marbles from Simon and his friends, and now they must get them back. Are you ready?
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Nov 23, 2023
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The evil Professor Wolf has stolen all the marbles from Simon and his friends, and now they must get them back. Are you ready?


Simon and his friends have turned into superheroes and now they must look for the evil Professor Wolf and get their marbles back.

Grrr… That boastful and braggart Professor Wolf and his minions don’t want to give the marbles back to Simon and they have challenged him to a super mega competition which he must win to get them back. If you beat him, he will be giving the marbles back to you. Surely you can win and get them all back. Go for it!

Help Simon, Gaspard, Lou and Ferdinand beat Professor Wolf in 12 amazing events which only a superhero can win… but be careful with the cheater Professor Wolf!


Space Race:
Super Simon is ready in his rocket to beat Gigabobot in a frantic race in which you will have to collect marbles and avoid the dangerous traps of Professor Wolf.

Marbles Game:
Show the ability of Super Simon and his friends throwing the marbles to the hole and beat the defiant Professor Wolf to show who the best ones are.

Car Race:
Sharpen your aim and shoot the marbles to the holes with a higher score to make Super Simon's car move at top speed.

Professor Wolf has invented a maze to hide the marbles, and you must get them back.

Super Shield:
The evil Professor Wolf is throwing marbles at our friends, and if you want to activate the protecting Super Shield you must draw geometric shapes.

The Cave:
The sinister Professor Wolf has hidden the marbles in a secret cave in his lab. Whoever can find more of them will be the winner. Let's go!

The shady and wicked Professor Wolf has captured our heroes and has locked them in a cage that he wants to throw to these fetid waters… luckily, one of our friends has escaped from his claws and will be able to protect his mates blocking Professor Wolf's shots.

Under the Sea:
The villainous Professor Wolf has thrown the marbles at the sea bottom, which is full of jellyfishes. Help Super Simon and his friends to get the marbles back and to avoid all the jellyfishes.

Professor Wolf and his minions have hidden in the woods with the marbles. Find them and throw slime at them to get the marbles back.

Professor Wolf doesn't give up and now he has challenged Super Simon and his friends to go shopping. Can you beat him and get all you need before he does?

The scoundrel Professor Wolf can even destroy his own machines so that Super Simon and his friends can't get their marbles back. You will have to be very fast repairing all the machines so that the marbles can get to the end.

Be careful! Professor Wolf is throwing all the marbles away and you will have to draw a line to get them so they don't get lost.

– Twelve amazing and frantic action games.
– Compete against Professor Wolf in the imaginary world of Super Simon.
– Choose your favorite character.
– Amazing and funny animations.
– More than eight characters and different settings.
– Based on the fourth season of the TV series.
– Educational games for children from 3 to 7 years old.
– It fosters the children's imagination and creativity.
– It helps to stimulate cognitive abilities.


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